On April 15th, Tessera's Doors closed. However, for Awakening With the Masters Participants ONLY, we have re-opened the doors for one final time!

But, there's more!

If you purchase Tessera, or have purchased Tessera in the past, you are in for a real treat!

Not only will you receive everything featured below, but you will also,
AT NO COST receive "On the Edge of Eden" which, will be available by or before July 15th, 2011.

This is an entirely new and updated Tessera Method Program and can be yours FOR FREE!

On the Edge of Eden will also include Adam's new book in pre-release, electronic format, which will be sold on Amazon as a soft cover book once it is completed.

You will also receive FOUR BRAND NEW MODULES, Atmospheric Audios, 528Hz Bridge Audios, Ebooks and new music from Adam's new CD titled the same name by or before July 15th, 2011.

But, you must act now!

This offer will be GONE FOREVER when Awakening With the Masters closes their doors! And it is ONLY here for you, and NO ONE else!

Also, we have just completed a 21 day training with Tessera and all calls, audios and updates, are on the website waiting for you.

Some of these updates included new ebooks and almost Seven Hours of 528Hz and 440Hz Meditation Audios.

This is the most complete Tessera Method EVER offered by Adam King and will NEVER see it offered this way again!

This is your final chance, and we look forward to having you on board!


Welcome to Tessera!

I am so pleased to have you as my guest for this very special Tessera Experience! This is the very first time that this version of Tessera has been released as it will include "The Fall of Winter" module. This module was intended to be sold separately from the Tessera Method, but is now included FREE!

During our time together we will work with Tessera to create an awareness that will NEVER leave you. An awareness that will allow you to finally see the world in a light that is strictly for you, because it will be created by you.

Tessera has been outlined in careful detail within the MAS Audios (Mental Auditory Simulation), atmospheric audios, and ebook Modules via experiences that will leave you breathless. They will be fun and more importantly, enjoyable to experience.

The experiences will remain with you for a lifetime and show you something you've never seen, with a sense you've never used.

MAS (Mental Auditory Simulation)

The Tessera Method is a system that creates effortless and enjoyable experiences that take place within a non-physical auditory environment.  (Tessera) These experiences first create a highly emotional, or "higher-self" perspective that will literally awaken creative parts of your brain in order to help you perceive the world YOUR way without your survival code filters.

Then, the experiences will allow you to slip into this higher-self in order to apply the lessons in the physical world.

Below is a picture of the main Tessera download page.
(The Question Mark is now replaced by "The Fall of Winter" module,
which wil be released on March 2nd, 2011)

You will receive the MAS audio modules and reflection ebooks. There are over 5 hours of MAS audios, over 10 hours of Atmospheric audios and 5 full CD Albums of Adam's original music and arrangements! That's over 20 hours of content!

You will also receive unlimited email support from Adam PERSONALLY as well as many other gifts and bonuses..

Note: Each call is recorded so there is no need to panic if you cannot be on them!

The information is all laid out in simple, systematic instruction so that you can enjoy each experience for a lifetime.

Each MAS module is accompanied by an atmospheric audio for reflection and meditation on each lesson. These will literally help you build your own Tessera by helping you feel as though you are in that location in real time.

Everything from the snow covered paradise that leads to the doors of Tessera in CORE, to the storm atmoshperic in the attic in Without The Water, to the night sands and the warriors choice in Thunder and the Thousand and much, much more.

The contents of most of the modules are the MAS Audios, Atmospheric Audios and Reflection Ebook and/or chapter. Each module has its own page for instant download. (Page Example Below)

Then, we will follow up with a reflections of each module via the brand new private community blog as Adam shares with you examples of how each lesson is applied in the physical world. (See List Below)

Note: The blog is opened for those who complete the training and wish to enjoy Tessera for life. The private blog is completely free and offered after 14 days of your original purchase.


  • Dr. Karen Gless: The 5 Keys to Lasting Happiness in a Relationship  Audio and Ebook
  • Dr. Lee Overholser: An experience of hypnosis Audio and Ebook
  • Andrea Woolf: Unlocking Your Life Balance Puzzle Audio, Ebook and Blueprint
  • Raven Dana: Whole Body Awareness Ebook
  • Relationship Concepts Radio Show MP3s: with Dr. Overholser, Dr. Gless Adam and wife Jennifer (See Below)
  • FREE Living Tessera Private Member Site Access (FOR LIFE!)
  • The Fall of Winter "Extension Module" FREE (9th Module!)
  • 21-Day Exclusive Training to help you understand the application of Tessera in both your business and personal life.



Each Module contains exclusive music by Adam King. This music is either fully original, (Orchestral, Piano, Classical, Rock Etc,) or collaborations with other artists and arrangements. (Trance, Ambient Metal Etc)

There are over 50 songs spanning from 5 CDs including Without the Water, Dreamlight, Ambient Metal, Alone in Paradise, UP and more. All downloadable and waiting for you!

You are getting the full Tessera Method, the bonuses, and access to the Living Tessera Private Blog, (Below) as well as personal support from Adam, so you can apply the lessons for a lifetime.


Living Tessera Private Member Site
(Lifetime Access for FREE)

The Living Tessera Private Member Site is where all Tessera participants meet. The site itself is an extension of Tessera with several bonus songs, ebooks, atomospheric audios, coaching call recordings and more. We share everything there is about diet, purpose and the application of Tessera in our daily lives. The site is updated all the time with new exclusive content you will not find anywhere else!

What You Get

Fourteen MAS Audios in Nine Full Modules
(Just a few samples below)


(Interactive Flash and Adobe PDF for Instant Download)


Atmospheric Audios
(Over 10 Hours of Atmospheric Audios "the building blocks of Tessera"
in High Quality and 5.1 Surround Sound MP3 Format)


EXTRA $1,500 21-Day Training BONUS!
Adam will be offering LIVE reflection coaching
calls for this very special offer!
(Web and Phone Access and All Recored and
in Downloadable MP3 Format)


Original Tessera Music
(Over 50 Songs! All 160KB MP3 Format for Instant Download and Flash
Web Player for Computer and 3G Phone Listening)


Two Doctors and a Married Couple Radio Show MP3s
(Six Full Episodes "almost six hours" of Relationship Discussions with Dr. Overholser, Dr. Gless, Adam and his Wife Jennifer as they discuss relationships issues ranging from breakup, how to meet someone, how to deal with an abusive spouse, as well as how to have lasting, fulfilling relationships and much more.)

And of Course, the Free Bonuses, Life Access to
"Living Tessera" (See below) and Much More...


I am greatly looking forward to sharing Tessera with you and hearing about your experiences!
Another World Awaits!

$297 (Original Tessera Method Program)
$1,500 (21-Day Training with Recorded Coaching Calls)
$100 (5 Full MP3 Music CDs)
$725 (Bonuses and Extras)
Priceless (Living Tessera Private Blog Access)


$197 (On the Edge of Eden Tessera Method
Program by July 15th, 2011)
$15 (On the Edge of Eden Book in
Electronic, Pre-Release Format)

All for Only $97.00**

*The Tessera Method Comes with a No Questions Asked 30 Day Money back Guarantee.

**NOTE: All Participants that keep Tessera, will be given LIFETIME
access to the Living Tessera Private Member Website
This site contains up-to-date Tessera information on diet,
money, relationships, hours of free music and audios and much, much more!

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!